Acrontum Team Spotlight #6: Zeba

30 Nov 2018

Team English

We are pleased to introduce to you a strong and enthusiastic personality. She is a responsible decision-maker and an adept analytical team player. Zeba!

  • First Name: Zeba.
  • Country of Origin: India.
  • What I do: I am a problem solver, researching and providing solutions for challenging new issues for Business Support Systems.
  • What I like about acrontum: The awesome team that I get to work with and the lively atmosphere here.
  • Hobbies: Travelling, Badminton, skiing, Hiking, Shopping, Dancing.

by Katty

István has been working for acrontum since October 2017. His broad in-depth IT technical knowledge, analytical thinking and the fact, that he's a Car Buff, is perfect for our automotive related IT projects!

  • First Name: István.
  • Country of Origin: Hungary.
  • What I do: Supporting the Business at 2nd level, helping out the internal IT Admin Team, so the coffee can flow at an optimum rate.
  • What I like about acrontum: The colleagues, the working environment, the constant good mood and effective cooperation.
  • Hobbies: Having fun with my wife & daughter and our bunny, PC gam1ng master race, sim r4cing, music (GUITARS!), travelling, Italian cars, driving, arts, drawing.

by Katty

Meet Santiago, he has an extensive understanding of backend development for mobility applications. Furthermore he is a young entrepreneur having collected co-founded experience in mobility companies, operating in South America.

  • First Name: Santiago.
  • Country of Origin: Uruguay.
  • What I do: As a full stack developer, I provide diverse technical solutions from concept to implementation to achieve the company and customers goals. 
  • What I like about acrontum: It's a growing multicultural company that maintains the essence of a startup. With a flat hierarchy and great atmosphere. 
  • Hobbies: Traveling, playing bass guitar, Sailing Championships around the world.

by Katty